What we do

What we do

Credit: Cloud9 Festival images courtesy of Martin Brown and Franck Allais

Living, Breathing, Placemaking.

We breathe life into new destinations. We see the promise of vibrant futures in the challenges of the past. We create opportunity where others might only see risk, make use of the old to start anew and make destinations of the ignored and overlooked. We bring people and places together and build success from failure. We are Fourth Street.

We are researchers, analysts, planners, and creative thinkers. We specialise in the inception, planning and realisation of unique places and destinations that have no easy or obvious comparators. We are placemakers.

We work with developers, operators, funders, and stakeholders across all stages of a project lifecycle. From the creation of innovative concepts and visions, through feasibility and funding, to delivery and operations.

Our focus is always on helping our clients to realise their vision and achieve their objectives. We do this by challenging conventional thinking and providing robust and pragmatic advice that delivers imaginative solutions to difficult problems.

Embedded within every proposal and recommendation is an understanding of the market that you won’t find elsewhere. We build upon this to create a robust financial plan and combine creativity with rigour to originate the key ingredients that will result in successful, sustainable placemaking.